David Guinn

1298 County Road 222
Lanett, Alabama 36863
Cell: 706.302.7821

Home: 334.499.2263
E-mail: actionmin@mindspring.com

As a National Merit Scholar in High School, David has always had a keen sense of how to communicate visually with others. His ability to create drama through contrast was learned and practiced at an early age. When Dave was in college at Carson Newman College in TN, he lived in an old dorm called, “The Barn.” Knowing the building was tagged for demolition, he began drawing on the walls; at first in his room, and then others asked him to draw on their walls. As the bulldozers ripped the structure a part months later, students gathered to watch. David’s drawings were in clear view like ancient frescoes in European ruins.

David has stayed true to his love for the contrast afforded in black and white images. He uses graded pencils as painters use a color palette. His subjects include landscapes and animals, but his first love is portraits. In particular, he is drawn to older, weathered faces; he says their wrinkles are like a road map to their lives. Through some one can see compassion, perhaps loneliness, or even unrest. David likes his drawings to carry a message. He has created several compositions based on scripture or Bible stories.

David is an ordained Baptist minister and has served churches in TN, AL, FL, MS and TX. His art work has been lovingly placed in many homes and churches throughout the southeast. Currently, David is President of Action Ministries International, a Sports Chaplaincy ministry to the Olympic Games and other world sporting events.

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