Guthrie Killebrew

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Guthrie attended the Memphis Academy of Art (now the Memphis College of Art), studied sculpture while living in New York for two years, and got her BA with an art major and sculpture concentration at LaGrange College. In 2000, Guthrie studied watercolor in Cortona, Italy under V. Wright Frierson. She continued to study, attend seminars and mentoring programs under numerous well known artists: Barbara Neche, Albert Handell, Jim Couper, Keith Rasmussen, Vee Brown, Steve Close, Cora Waterhouse, and Gloria Sampson. In 1998 Guthrie became a founding partner of Artists in Residence Gallery in LaGrange.

Guthrie works in encaustic, watercolor, oils, pastel, and sculpture. She enjoys painting in plein air, but prefers working with still life.

Her work can be found in the permanent collections of the LaGrange Art Museum, West Georgia Health Systems, Artists in Residence Gallery, and in private and corporate collections throughout the United States.

Guthrie says:
“Being a sculptor first and a painter second, chiaroscuro is apparent in most of my paintings. Working in two dimensions I use line, mass, and color to create tension on the surface. I am constantly amazed and enthralled by light refraction and I try to express the essence of this in the colorful reflections and shadows in my still life paintings.”

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