Kathryn Terri Clark
Mixed Media

Cell: 706.973.9754
E-mail: kt143clark@gmail.com

Kathryn Terri Clark is a native of LaGrange, Georgia. As is the story of most artists, she developed her love of art at a very early age. After graduation from LaGrange High School in 1972, Kathryn moved to the metro Atlanta area to pursue a career in the legal field and to obtain a higher education.

She earned a Bachelor of Organization Leadership degree from Mercer University in Atlanta, Georgia, graduating Magna Cum Laude and received an ABA approved paralegal certificate, with Honors, from The National Center for Paralegal Studies in Atlanta, Georgia. For many years, Kathryn worked full time in the legal field in metro Atlanta, while attending college and paralegal school full time, earning multiple scholarships from the Atlanta Businesswomenís Association.

In 2007, Kathryn submitted a digital portfolio of self-taught work to The Savannah College of Art & Design, Atlanta campus. As a result, she was accepted as an incoming freshman and was awarded an annual $20,000.00 combined academic and artistic scholarship from SCAD/Atlanta, where she studied Illustration, Drawing, Painting, Color Theory, Pastels, Portraiture, woodworking, wire art, 2-D and 3-D Art, collage and computer art.

In August 2008, Kathryn moved back to her hometown of LaGrange, Georgia, where she began working on a series of paintings in the watercolor, acrylic and oil media. She volunteered at the LaGrange Art Museum for more than a year and was fortunate to show many of her works at the Cochran Gallery, the Hydrangea Festival in LaGrange, Merry Market, and the LaGrange Art Museum. She has several paintings hanging in the reception area of Troup Cares, a LaGrange/Troup County medical facility, and has donated several pieces to local fundraising events, including the LaGrange Chamber of Commerce and West Georgia Health.

Shown here on VAALís website are torsos created by a mixture of water, flour, starch and linen strips allowed to dry over the torso of a Mansourís mannequin. The torsos were lifted off the mannequin, the edges were trimmed and then decorated by using Kathrynís late motherís jewelry, pieces of copper found in her family home, and by using her late grandmotherís antique buttons and zippers. Over the past few years, Kathryn has created multiple works of 3-D art using wire, wood, metal, and strings of various types.

Kathryn enjoys her membership with VAAL, and currently works as Office Manager, Project Coordinator and Business Transaction Paralegal for a LaGrange business.

Her spontaneous style offers a fresh interpretation of familiar subjects and Kathryn has created many of her own supports from select pine and Masonite hardboard.

Kathryn believes that painting, 2-D and 3-D art are creative ways to express oneself, help others, donate for fundraisers, and a great way to relieve stress!

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