Len Jagoda
Pastels, Oils, Sculpture Bronze

E-mail: len@backstretchstudio.com
Backstretch Studio
604 Twin Lakes Road
Waverly Hall, GA 31831

The objective of my portrayals of animals is to capture their spirit and their soul in my art. They have personalities, emotions and can reason. They protect each other and have loyal friendships; they enjoy happiness and endure grief, they can convey strength as well as compassion, and they can have a competitive spirit. Convincing the viewer of this belief and their attributes through my art is what drives me. Being close to my subjects and meeting them whenever possible enables a personal impression to be combined with sketches, reference photos and notes helps me communicate with the work during the creative process. The method, style and medium selected can sometimes help better accomplish my objective so I work in sculpture, oils and pastels.
Len Jagoda

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