Susan Kilgore Gadrix


My interest in art began as a teenager in the 70’s. Even though I excelled in math, I opted to take as many art courses as possible during high school and studied art for two years in college. After I graduated from Mercyhurst College with a BA in Accounting, I temporarily put my art interests aside, when I pursued a career in finance and obtained a CPA license. About twelve years ago, when I moved to LaGrange GA, I decided to make the time for art. A big motivation was my desire to develop skills to draw my pet, an English Pointer, named Jake. I took small steps and enrolled in various art courses at the LaGrange Art Museum and Artists in Residence.

In the spring of 2010, I focused on drawing my dog Jake. I used photographs as a reference tools, while my dog is a “live” model. I have grown to love to study the structure of my dog’s head and have been working to try to capture his personality.

Recently I started painting in acrylics, and now I feel like I captured my dog’s personality in color. The painting was completed in 2013 and is titled “My friend Jake”. Making a little time for art has added some balance to my life. I love to practice drawing and painting pet portraits for relatives and friends. My long term goal is to create art that will provide lasting memories of pets for clients.

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