Thea McKay McElvy
Painting and Sculpture

Contact: 706.773.5783

On vacation in Savannah, GA a few years back I visited one of my all-time favorite galleries, the A.T. Hun. The colors and the styles in there make my heart pound. It’s like walking into Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. I’ve been there many times but for some reason this time I had a jolting epiphany. I have been artsy all my life but my work was just ‘good drawings’; they lacked freedom and style. So when I got home, in a leap of faith, I broke out my Willy Wonka palette and got to work!

I’m often asked why I sign my work “MAC”. When I started working with Becky Guinn at Valley High School the students had a difficult time pronouncing McElvy so they called me Ms. Mac and it stuck. Now I work at Sheltering Arms Educare Atlanta and this school is kinetic! The pace never slows down! There is always a need for a backdrop or event decorations or fund raising ideas or parent/child workshops, etc., etc. So I have had to learn to work at break-neck speed! But a good thing has come from this rush. I have learned not to think but to do; to follow my instinct. This euphoric place of flow has given me the confidence I once lacked. So, where I used to sign my work Thea I now sign my work MAC. It’s a reminder to me to trust my gift and be daring.

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