Whit Perry

E-mail: whitperry@charter.net
Works available at 809 Gallery of Art,
809 Hill Street, LaGrange

LaGrange photographer Whit Perry has an extensive background in foreign travel, focusing on photography and writing.

As a teenager he worked on the Caribbean island of Tobago as a skin-diving/scuba-diving instructor and director at Camp Crusoe, chronicled in his newest book, In the Footsteps of Robinson Crusoe.

In 1962, at age 21, Whit backpacked around the world, staying in hostels and homes throughout Europe, North Africa and Asia. A guitar player, he was often invited to play and sing for his hosts.

His objective was to immerse himself in the culture of each country, avoiding the usual tourist meeting places in favor of places where the locals congregate.

Whit hitchhiked across India from New Delhi to Calcutta, with an excursion to Nepal, where he happened to be in view of Mount Everest when the first American reached the summit.

Later, as PR manager for Holiday Inns International, he was involved in other foreign travel and worked with a number of noted photographers, including Alfred Eisenstaedt.

He also has worked as a newspaper journalist, a column writer and a magazine editor. Retired now, Whit's primary focus is on songwriting and photography.

He recently published Delta Jacks and Other Cards (www.deltajacks.com), an in-depth look at the Mississippi Delta. The publisher describes it as "a sprawling saga of mud, mules, money, music and myth." Eighty of Whit's Delta photographs are on permanent exhibit at the local history museum in Tunica, MS.

He and his wife, Penny, a retired teacher, have one son, Jack, and one granddaughter, Shiloh.

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